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Gaming Weekly – PS Vita Extensions, Resident Evils and Learning with Portals

PSVita Battery Extension Accessory Confirmed

The latest PS Vita news emerging is that Sony is currently in the process of developing an external addon to compliment the handheld’s paltry 3-5 hour battery life.

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Worldwide Studios, confirmed his involvement in working on the project to internet news outlets this week, but there hasn’t since been any confirmation of price or what kind of battery extension the peripheral will provide.

“If you’re flying from New York to San Francisco or vice versa, you’ll have no concerns [about running out of power] if you have the additional external battery,” Yoshida said.

This flight time detail could possibly provide clues as to what kind of extra people could expect, as the flight itself is estimated to take around 6 hours 20 minutes, not including ‘airport fun’, delays, things you can do, baggage claim and other things you could be enjoying your Vita while waiting for.

Resident Evil 6 Trailer? Maybe Not.

Capcom are confusing. Maybe it’s international departmental differences of opinion, but a recent (Possibly leaked) purported Resident Evil 6 trailer uploaded to YouTube has elicited mixed responses from US Capcom officials and their HQ brethren in Japan.

On one hand, Japanese Capcom representatives have ‘confirmed’ that the video was apparently filmed ‘behind closed doors’ at the recent Tokyo Games Show, and is a real piece of marketing for the next Resident Evil title.

But on the other hand, US Capcom reps have clearly given outlets the big old ‘no commenting on speculation’ angle, stopping any further investigation in its tracks.

The question basically stands at ‘which group is dicking us over?’, which of course leads to the dilemma: Is Capcom Japan the perpetrator of misinformation, confirming a fake video to distract gamers from their final product, or is US Capcom the culprit, basically just telling us all to get stuffed?

The video isn’t too filled with info, with some post apocalypse-related titles and a split second flash of something like an evil lab. One of the titles gives co-ordinates to an unnamed road in Shebandowan, a scary part of darkest Canada-land. Someone needs to head out there with a jeep to search for clues.

Not it.

Anyway, the main feature of the video is (not according to AmeriCapcom) to highlight a change of direction in the franchise to a more ‘zombie apocalypse’ setting, involving total undead/mutant thing dominance. It’s all highly suspicious.

This could stay in line with earlier Capcom confirmation of the next entry in the franchise being some kind of reboot or change of direction, in the form of ‘some kind of whacky-ass makeover’ according to Gadget Helpline experts found in a dumpster down an alley just off St. Catherine Street.

Masachika Kawata, the man behind production work on Resident Evil: Raccoon City was recently interviewed for the internet, and pretty much confirmed our hobo tidings.

“The series will see a complete renovation with the next entry on every level, but we can’t forget about all the previous entries that have led to the creation of many possibilities for the franchise.

“I can’t say if we’re going to make it survival horror or a shooter, but I can say that it’ll be totally new.”

Meanwhile, a sneaky, sneaky Capcom in all of its worldwide forms has not yet released any data whatsoever on a supposed release date for Resident Evil 6 or even what platform it’ll arrive on, but sources have claimed that an announce might surface at the Tokyo Games Show soon.

Pac’n In a Picture

Full of WIN!

Learning, Now With Portals!

Hey kids, ever wanted to learn with videogames?

No, not those haphazard, patronizing audio-visual crapfests designed to help your spelling and mathematics, I mean REAL fun, personal development and brain exercise.

Also, homicidal AI constructs. Uh-oh.

So if you haven’t already noticed, Steam users on the PC can grab themselves a copy of the physics-based favourite Portal for free as part of a learning based endeavour based at

Portal grabbers who install the game before the 20th of September 2011 will receive the complete game absolutely free, with no withdrawal after that date. You have it for keeps.

Valve Software, the Masterminds behind Portal, have been driving for computational education and advancement for ages now, experimenting with eye tracking and sensory apparatus in games to understand how we play them. Check out their charming video of ‘Ol Uncle Gabe’s Gaming Learning Farm below.

Journalistic Exception

I don’t usually plug others work, not due to an affliction of arrogance, more due to what you might have to call ‘professional standards’.

But as a literary minded individual, writer and reporter, it’s hard to ignore the stellar article concerning the Call of Duty XP event from the mind of EuroGamer’s Simon Parkin.

We usually put a video update here, but go check out Simon’s work; he seems to know where it’s all at.