Panasonic Planning to Launch New Smartphones in 2012

Panasonic have flopped pretty miserably in the mobile phone market everywhere apart from Japan. In Japan Panasonic are one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers and have some brilliant and strange Smartphones on the market there.

It looks like they have decided to have another stab at the European market, which hopefully means the UK too.

Whenever you look at a Panasonic Mobile you always feel a little let down due to the fact you are not able to get your hands on them. This feeling is no more true than with the Panasonic Lumix phones; these phones are a direct hybrid of the Lumix cameras and an Android smartphone, a true cameraphone if you like.

One particular Lumix phone has a camera with over 13 megapixels – that’s more than some DSLR cameras.

The company is currently in talks with a major telecommunications firm operating in European countries about bringing their smartphones to European markets. Panasonic also plans to bring its smartphones to North America and Asia.

Panasonic Mobile Communications Co will develop and sell smartphones running Google Inc’s Android operating system, and the phones will be assembled at a group factory in Southeast Asia or by an electronics manufacturing service.

The company is looking to to sell over 7.5 million mobile phones abroad in 2015 – at least half its overall shipments of these products to date.

Panasonic removed itself from the mobile phone business in Europe and China in 2005 due to  a number of reasons, including stiff price competition from other smartphone manufacturers.

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