5G 2019 – An Update

5G 2019 is the next big thing. Well its on its way definitely, but, how big it will be really depends on a number of issues. Not only governments, but also local councils, will need to be fully involved due to the need for multiple installations of transmitter/receivers every hundred feet or so.

And that’s just the first issue. The cost for the installation will slowly be paid by the users. You can be sure that most operators will be charging slightly more for what should be a standard service for all.

5G will bring about huge societal changes.
Pre internet daily life compared to what it is now are two entirely different breeds of fish.  Its not an extreme view to believe that 5G will bring about the same massive changes throughout life in general.

But what kind of changes? 

 Firstly lets have a look at what the requirements are shaping up to be.

  • 1-10Gbps connections to end points in the field
  • 1 millisecond end-to-end round trip delay – latency
  • 1000x bandwidth per unit area
  • 10-100x number of connected devices
  • Concept of 99.999% availability
  • Concept of 100% coverage
  • 90% reduction in network energy usage
  • Up to ten year battery life for low power, machine-type devices

5G 2019

To generalise then: If the above requirements are anything to go by, 5G will be faster, have more bandwidth and will allow the inclusion of a very large number of devices.  These devices will have full coverage of the local area and will not only last longer but will use less energy.

The services generated from this change are not really possible to imagine. What you can do is consider what the birthing of the internet did do well; It allowed for instant (sometimes slow ahem) communication of not only chat but also data. This data was sluggish the larger it became. With 5G there should be no slugs. The macro ramifications of this are too large to mull over in one blog.

5G will bring the public services of the High Street to wherever you are. Service industries unheard of pre-5G will pop into existence.

The need for home WiFi could well disappear over time.

With Blockchain thrown into the mix the possibilities are endless.

The amount of new devices appearing on the advent of 5G will be inumerable. This will mainly be due to the current levels of technology.
There will be connected chips for many things that are currently not worth connecting. Chips are being made that perform multiple functions and will not only perform their functions well but can also last for a very long time. 

 The 3 largest 5G chip manufacturers currently

Qualcomm 5G

Intel 5G



Now we are in 2019, ‘5G ready’ is the general draw you will hear from retailers and manufacturers of 5G phones. The reality is we may have to wait a good few years until the general population are on 5G. By then, not only new services will be in multitude, the general cost of a ‘5G phone’ will also have come down… Hopefully!

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