5G In The UK – Road to 2019

5G in the UK is coming, like it or not  the super quick data service is heading to a city near you within the next couple of years. This is a really big deal too; with the advent of 5G, access to high-speed internet will become similar to expecting electricity or clean water.

The internet as we know it will be gone, in fact, imagining what will unfold from the implementation of 5G is a stretch altogether. Obviously your download speeds will be good and very quick, and definitely much faster than anything you have ever done on wireless before. The added services that will appear though will be the game changers.

The room for extra devices will be there too. If you can think of something that may benefit from being manually activated, read or used, then there will probably be a gadget for it. Not only that, it will be a gadget fully connected to the internet. Some of them wont even need power!

With a little research on projections of connected devices over the next few years, you will find that the numbers are different on every site. The only similarity is they all mention billions…

The existing infrastructure of the 4G service would not be able to handle this workload. Or, in other words, you really will struggle to download your latest Netflix binge.

5G In The U.K. – Road To 2019


There have already been a number of trials in the U.K. These trials tested how 5G can, and will, function in a city environment. 

Arquiva have been leading the charge since then  and have already sewn up many contracts (street furniture concession for small cells), especially in London.

Nokia and Qualcomm have been getting there heads together over the issue too. We have included both PDF’s as downloadable links below:



Over the course of the last few months we also contacted a few people involved with the application of 5G. We simply asked if they were aware of any tests regarding the safety of 5G. Unfortunately, to date, nobody has replied. After a little research it seems that there is a known concern:

Scientists and Doctors Demand Moratorium on 5G Warning of Health Effects

Regardless though, there are already a few players readying their arsenal of 5G Ready access products; Huawei, Nokia and Ericsson to name a few. These products should appear sometime in late 2018.

Full the full document regarding 5G in the UK – Source