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5-inch BlackBerry Z30 gets shown off in full on video

Despite numerous recent leaks, we were certain that the BlackBerry Z30 – formerly known as the A10 – wouldn’t be arriving any time soon. However, a new lengthy and hi-def hands-on video suggests to us that we could be able to buy the new flagship ‘Berry sooner than we thought.

The phone recently popped up in a 6 minute high quality demo video by Channel S on YouTube. During the video we get a close-up look at the phone’s design, the software on board and that glorious 5-inch display.

Channel S confirms the specifications we’ve previously heard, including the 5-inch AMOLED display with 720p resolution, 8 megapixel rear camera, dual-core processor and 16GB of internal memory.

Design-wise the phone looks like a mash-up of BlackBerry Z10 and HTC One, with much curvier edges and corners than the Z10. These are must-haves when it comes to smartphones on the larger end of the scale, as the Z30 is, in our opinion.

The phone in the video shows an AT&T logo, which all but confirms that the phone will appear on the big US mobile network. With the Z30 pinned as BlackBerry’s next flagship smartphone, we’re expecting it to be available on most networks around the world though.

Unless we see another device appear beforehand, the BlackBerry Z30 is set to become the fourth device to carry the company’s new BlackBerry 10 OS. With decent sales figures to date, BlackBerry will be hoping that this larger gadget is a smash hit.

We’re still no closer to knowing even a rough release date for this phone, but as soon as we hear something we’ll let our faithful readers know. In the meantime, check the full video below.