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New 5-inch HTC phablet leaks in pictures with 1080p Full HD display

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New devices for Windows Phone 8 aren’t the only thing HTC is working on, it would seem. A brand new Android smartphone has appeared in blurry pictures and in a report, which hints at the phone being very big indeed.

The phone currently only goes by the codename of ‘Dix’, which we reckon stands for ‘Droid Incredible X’. It’s looking likely that this will be a new smartphone for the Verizon network in the US, although HTC may bring it to the UK and Europe as well.

A 5-inch screen accounts for the majority of the phone, which itself is rather slim and sleek, with a red band running around the edges. According to reports from the rumour mill, this isn’t just any 5-inch screen either; it’s a 1080p Full HD display with a pixel density of 480ppi, which is incredibly sharp. To put those specs into some perspective, the current crop of Android phones rock a HD resolution of 720p, and the iPhone 5 has a pixel density of 326ppi.

This new phone doesn’t stop impressing at the screen, either, with a quad-core Qualcomm S4 Pro chip at its core and 1.5GB of RAM to back it up. Internal storage is said to be 16GB, although there is no option to expand using a micro SD card slot, and you also won’t be able to remove the battery.

From reading these specifications we’ve been getting the idea that HTC is looking to provide a rival to Samsung’s Galaxy Note II. However, we’re hearing that the phone will not feature HTC’s existing Scribe pen stylus support, which featured on the Flyer tablet. HTC could of course have a new stylus technology up its sleeve for this phone, but we’ll need to wait to find out.

The Taiwanese tech company has a press event scheduled for tomorrow in New York City, where we could well find out more about this exciting phone officially. Stay tuned!

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Via: HTCsource