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Affordable Xperia miro Social Smartphone Outed by Sony

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Not content with revealing a superphone today, Sony has decided to reveal another new phone, this time aimed at the budget-conscious socialite.

Yesterday we told that Sony fans had the chance to ‘fast forward’ the announcement of a new smartphone, and it looks as though they’ve done a good job already. The new Xperia miro is a rather dinky affair, with a 3.5-inch touchscreen display and a small frame with comfortable, curved edges.

We’re glad Sony has thrown out the squared edges that make the likes of the Xperia S somewhat uncomfortable to hold, and the miro looks very palm-friendly indeed. Unlike its Xperia NXT brethren, the miro will be running the latest version of Android – version 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich – from the start. It’s the first Xperia smartphone to run ICS from the get-go, which is sure to annoy Xperia S, U and P owners.

The back of the handset is home to a 5-megapixel autofocus camera with LED and loudspeaker, both of which are set into a soft-touch battery cover. A front-facing video camera is situated above the 3.5-inch display for video calls and self-portrait snaps too.

Sony has baked in DLNA and Facebook integration with Ice Cream Sandwich, making the phone perfect for socialites and sharers. You’ll be able to update your status and upload a photo in a flash, and with DLNA you can wirelessly beam photos, music and videos to laptops, tablets and TVs over Wi-Fi.

Beneath the screen there are three touch buttons for Android – Back, Home and Menu – which illuminate, although not using the same cool see-through bar as on the other Xperia NXT phones. Below the buttons you’ll find a curved area which bears the Xperia brand stamp. This area denotes the colour of the phone, with black, white, gold and pink versions available.

Sony hasn’t yet confirmed when the Xperia miro will launch, or its price tag. When it does, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, check out the launch video below for a closer look.

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