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Aircell’s first aircraft smartphone – Set for take-off late 2011

Aircell, the provider of communications, web services and equipment for jet setters, has revealed its new Google Android-based smartphone for aircraft use which will be arriving soon, with late 2011 as the general date for take-off.

Not much to go on at the moment, but what we do know from the Aircell press release is that gadget will in fact be the “first real smartphone to be delivered into an aircraft”, will feature a 3.8-inch display, bluetooth connectivity and is to be compatible wired or wirelessly with Aircell Axxess systems, and also the Gogo Biz Voice service when it launches.

With the details very vague, price is also left with a question mark at the moment. Bearing in mind the type of user Aircell is aiming this phone at – business and private aircraft owners – the cost will surely not be grounded. We’re thinking at least 4 figures..

The full press release from Aircell can be read here.

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