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All-New Kindle 6-Inch E-Reader is 11% Thinner and 16% Lighter

Amazon has launched an all-new Kindle building on its classic e-reader format but packing it into a more compact, lightweight model.

The new Kindle is 11% thinner and 16% lighter than its predecessor at 9.1mm and 161 grams but comes with the same size 6-inch e-paper 167ppi touchscreen display, which boosts no glare and can be read at any angle– unlike other tablets or media devices which can make it awkward to read in certain light. The evolution of the Kindle e-reader products continue to bring the reading experience as close to a printed book as possible and this one improves on that even more with its presentation of easily readable type and is geared more towards accessibility for the visually impaired. It even includes Bluetooth support for listening to audio books through wireless headphones.

The latest Kindle has an in-built battery than will last for weeks on a single charge and it connects to Wi-Fi (no 3G) to sync your books, magazines and newspapers from an Amazon account, storing thousands on its 512MB internal memory, but does not include any of the distracting apps and e-mail notifications found on other gadgets so as with previous iterations this is a dedicated reading slate – not an entertainment platform. The Kindle Fire range is still on sale for that purpose.

The all-new Kindle is available in black and a stylish white model and is up for pre-ordering now from costing £59.99 (same as the current price of the 2014 model) which means its mega affordable and your access point to a virtually infinite library of books and publications. A 30-day Kindle Unlimited trial comes free with a million titles available to read.