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Amazon to announce streaming Set-Top box on April 2nd?

Amazon has just started a rumour fire today by sending out press invites to an event on the April 2nd which is reportedly going to hold an announcement – or ‘update’ as Amazon puts it – regarding its video business.

Last month the online retailer announced changes to its Amazon Prime and LoveFilm services where it combined the two services to create Amazon Prime Video, which  has since pushed its video and streaming plans forward.

Now rumours are flying about, suggesting that Amazon will be updating us all with information surrounding a Amazon Streaming box or Amazon TV service.

Amazon has been long rumoured to be creating a set-top box or streaming stick similar to Roku products or the new Google Chromecast, but there has been very little official or steady information to back up the rumours.

Last month a leaked image of an Amazon Kindle branded games controller also hit the net, so this could signal a control system for the set top box, or another altogether different Amazon gaming product.

What would seem most likely is an Android powered set-top box that has gaming functionality. Now we are not talking the next instalment of Call of Duty coming to the box, but Android favourites like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope – Games that the family can play on a TV, then switch over to LoveFilm for a movie on the same device.

Most of this is just speculation, but Amazon has been making some odd movements in the tech world recently, all of which point towards expanding its entertainment output.

We will know a lot more come April  2nd though, as in New York City Amazon will hopefully clear the air with an official announcement.