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Amazon drops price of 6-inch Kindle to £59 for one day only

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Being the kind souls that they are, Amazon has cut £10 from the price of their regular 6-inch Kindle eReader to just £59, for today only.

The Wi-Fi Kindle is the entry model in Amazon’s growing range of eReaders, and for today only (Monday, February 4th) you can pick one up for £59 instead of the regular price of £69.

For those who have been looking at getting an eReader for a while this looks like a very good window of opportunity to get involved with the digitial reading movement. The Kindle offers a 6-inch e-Ink display which is the same screen technology used in all Amazon Kindles – these screens are naturally lit and as such easy to read without straining your eyes, and the battery lasts for ages too.

With a Wi-Fi connection you can hook your Kindle up to the web and download books without the fuss of cables and computers. This will work anywhere in the world, so provided you can get online, you can get books – one of the many reasons the Kindle is such a popular travel companion.

If you want to read in the dark then this Kindle might not be for you, but Amazon’s newer Paperwhite Kindle will be – it has a front-lit screen that gives you plenty of light to read by in the dark without causing any eye strain.

You can find today’s special Kindle offer on the homepage at