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Amazon Fire Phone Coming to UK on O2

Amazon’s new Fire Phone, with its revolutionary set of four face sensing front cameras, is currently only available for customers in the United States since its launch a number of weeks ago on AT&T. The phone is Amazon’s most noteworthy foray into the technology market, and has taken its sweet time to arrive in the United Kingdom, along with Amazon Fire TV, a digibox-esque streaming platform also recently released by Amazon.

The phone features a number of cool innovations, such as the aforementioned face sensor suite, which really does track the movements you make as you use the phone, as well as one handed gesture controls as well as technical support delivered straight through the phone.

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It also includes Firefly, a built in search engine which allows the user to browse through the entire Amazon product library. Firefly lets the user search with images and audio input as well as standard text input. The Fire Phone is now on its merry way to the United Kingdom, and is now available for pre order.

Amazon’s device is exclusively coming to the O2 network, without any further confirmation of other carriers. Right now you can pre order the device from O2’s website, and it should be delivered by September the 30th.

Jeff Bezos triumphantly raises his Fire Phone at the device’s launch.

O2 is going to pack the Fire Phone with a multitude of official O2 apps, such as O2 Priority, My O2, Tu Go and O2’s WiFi hotspot finder, plus, the apps are designed to work with the special Carousel UI which pulls info from the app to serve it underneath the icon on the main menu.

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The Amazon Fire Phone is coming to O2 on September the 30th on contract for £33 a month on O2’s Refresh tariff, which brings the total final price of the handset to £360 for the 32GB device. It’s available through O2 online, in store or even for order over the phone. A bonus incentive allows the purchaser to claim one year of free Amazon Prime membership, as long as they grab the Amazon Fire Phone before 2015.

Source: The Guardian

Via: Engadget