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AMD unveils Radeon branded RAM modules

If you’re a fan of AMD and the Radeon range, you’ll be pleased to know that AMD has just unveiled a new range of Radeon branded RAM modules designed to be used in combination with AMD CPU and GPU products.

On launch, AMD will release three module sets, all with different users in mind -these will be Entertainment, ULTRA PRO Gaming and Enterprise. All will be based on the DDR3 standard and will also have the same 2GB density, although each set will have varying speeds depending on the chosen application.

For the Entertainment series, the speed will be 1333Mhz with a timing of 9-9-9 and the ULTRA PRO Gaming set will have a speed of 1600Mhz and 11-11-11 timing, with all three modules being 1.5V.

As yet, there is no information regarding pricing, although if you’re interested in finding out a bit more info about, you can head on over to the AMD site.

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