Android Fuelled OBox Console Coming to UK in 2016

The latest Android-based video games console will be arriving on UK shores from China in 2016 and it’s named OBox.

Yes, you read correctly. Obox.

And on first glance it looks like it might come straight off of a Microsoft production line with its glossy black finish and circular green illuminating power symbol – even the control pad and logo are suspiciously familiar to something we’ve seen before. But don’t be fooled into thinking this console is a high-powered next gen affair like the Xbox One. It’s actually more in line with the Ouya which emerged from crowdfunding in 2013 but somewhat lost its lustre in the past year.

With a potential weak spot in the market, a Chinese company called Snail and it’s US based subsidiary are now having a go at following the Android gaming trend and building on it with the OBox after having big success with its Android products and games in the country of origin (Tai Chi Panda, anyone?)

Obox was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 back in January with a release set for Q2 in the country where Snail made its name and the console comes with some tidy specs including an Nvidia Tegra 1 processor, 4GB of RAM and it can store up to a massive 4TB worth of games downloadable from the Snail Store.

The Obox can also be displayed in 3D and on 4K compatible TVs and connected to the internet wirelessly via WiFi or using an Ethernet cable. It features three HDMI ports and it can work with Snail’s W3D gaming mobile (which has its own Snail SIM) that can be used as a gamepad and second screen.

Despite the name, Snail looks to speed out of the gate in the next couple of years and hopefully by the time the Obox reaches us it won’t have lost momentum.



3 responses to “Android Fuelled OBox Console Coming to UK in 2016”

  1. Nettrick Nowan avatar
    Nettrick Nowan

    First, what exactly is this going to do that my OUYA cannot?

    Second, and most important, what is the pricing?

  2. Someone avatar

    The option to Upgrade, and second it depends on the spec but no price is officially announced yet.

  3. Someone avatar

    Doughty states that bigger outlets and titles will move across as they realise the potential of Android.

    “It will be a year or two before you move
    a franchise level product like Call of Duty over to an Android system
    and make it look as good as it does on Xbox One,” he says.

    Also this.

    “Content is key, so we’re driving content very hard,” says Doughty.

    Basically these shows they’re more committed to the platform than OUYA