Google are announcing a big milestone when it comes to the official Android Market: 10 billion downloads and counting!

More interestingly though, Google says that the Android Market is now seeing 1 billion app installs every 30 days, which I’m sure you’ll agree is quite an impressive figure.

The growth of the Android Market is surging considering it took Google 20 months to get to its first billion downloads, and then another five months to reach 2 billion downloads on the Market. Google was asked what is driving the growth, but didn’t provide any specific information; however, they did make a point of saying that there is around 550,000 Android devices being activated each day as being a major contributor.

And to mark the occasion, Google have teamed up with a selection of developers to offer a special promotion. For the next ten days, users will be able to purchase a set of apps for 10 cents each. The apps on offer range in prices from 99 cents, all the way up to $6.99.

Although Google has seen downloads reach 10 billion, it’s still quite a way off what Apple’s App Store has achieved; currently its thought to be around 20 billion to-date. However, at the current growth rate, it may not be too long before we start to see Google catching up on the folk over at Cupertino.

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