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Android Market now has more free apps than Apple App Store

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Google’s Android Market has overtaken Apple’s App Store in terms of the number of free applications available, according to a report by Distimo.

Distimo are an analytics company who specialise in App Store data – they analyse every little bit of all mobile App stores available, so they certainly know their stuff.

The vital statistics show that Android Market currently offers 134,342 free applications, compared to the 121,845 free apps available in Apple’s App Store. Interestingly, paid apps available in Android Market are around a third of those found in Apple’s App Store.

Apple’s App Store is still way out in front as the biggest application store available, with Android Market trailing in second place. If we look at the total number of apps available in each app store, the above figures show that a much higher percentage of Android apps are free compared to Apple’s App Store.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of information is the projected growth for both over the next 6 months. Distimo anticipates that Android Market will overtake the App Store -in terms of the number of apps available – in 5 to 6 months from now. It’s hardly a suprise given the open-source nature of Android, and the sheer number of mobile phone manufacturers now jumping on the Android bandwagon.

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Via: Techcrunch