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Angry Birds Arrive on Facebook Tomorrow – Bringing 3 Exclusive Power-ups!

Valentine’s Day is the time of the year usually reserved for perfect pairings to celebrate their love for one another with an ample dollop of commercialism. But even the hottest date would be hard pressed to pull us away from the social net this Feb 14th, when a chaotic coupling arrives – Tomorrow Angry Birds is coming to Facebook!

Combing two of the world’s favourite life-consuming past times, the doubly-addictive Angry Birds Facebook edition will find its nest in the apps section of the social network from tomorrow and much like Google Chrome’s version of the popular mobile game for Apple iPhone and Android Gadgets the play will be optimised for a generous full-screen and will include a host of social and sharing features, as well as some free and purchasable power-ups – a Facebook exclusive and a first for the Angry Birds series.

Just before the marriage of mayhem hits our web-browsers, the game’s creator – Finnish co. Rovio – has released some videos revealing all three of the sweet new power-ups which will be available to buy for around 99p or equal amount of Facebook credits. By joining the Angry Birds Facebook event before the launch, early birds are promised a sample of some of these bonus features ahead of the flock.

Power-ups available from day one will include Super Seeds – giving your birds a dose of these genetically modified pods will big them up to monstrous proportions, making the average birds the size of the Big Red one! The second power-up is the Sling Scope – it’s like laser targeting for pinpoint accuracy, no more winging it and hoping for a hit! The third and final bonus is the King Sling – boosting the power and speed of any standard bird adding to its devastation!

The Angry Birds fly into the Indonesian capital of Jakarta tomorrow for the big launch – Join the Facebook event now and enjoy the below samples of those all new power-ups! You can also customise yourself an Angry Birds avatar for when the game goes social by entering into your Android or iPhone web browser!

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