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Angry Birds Friends Launches on Facebook with All-New Levels

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Rovio, the makers of the hugely successful Angry Birds series of games, has released yet another game format to add to its expanding list of platforms, this time launching Angry Birds Friends for Facebook.

The new Angry Birds game will be available to Facebook users as an app and will allow users to play the game online as well as against friends, plus weekly challenges to take on against your mates.

Additionally, Rovio has said that they will release new levels each week for Angry Birds Friends, so the game has very little chance of going stale and will always offer a new challenge to its users.

Angry Birds is also available online on Google as an app as well as numerous other flash-based websites, but Angry Birds Friends will add all-new social features as well as featuring a Facebook Timeline link-in to keep you updated.

The Facebook app is available now; you can just do a search for Angry Birds Friends to get started.

Earlier in the week Rovio also announced a new Angry Birds game called Angry Birds Heikki (it’s named so after the Finnish Formula 1 driver Heikki Kovalainen) which will be a browser-based game that you play on your PC or Mac, rather than a game that you buy in the shops or an app that you download to a smart device

This new game will be coming in the next month and Rovio has already started working on its first non-Angry Birds related game called Amazing Alex which you can read more about here.

What is clear is that Rovio is not going to be slowing down its world domination with Angry Birds and we look forward to seeing what Angry Birds Friends will play out like.

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