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Angry Birds Space: Facebook Teases New Bird For March 22nd Blast Off!

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Those playful pluckers over at Rovio have hatched another teaser as to the identity of one of the four new Angry Birds to join the furious flock as they depart for Space in their fourth adventure – which launches on March 22nd.

After NASA “leaked” footage of a very strange discovery on the surface of the moon, the Angry Birds Facebook presence today shared a new image of an incubation pod, the ones we saw last week when the close encounter of the feathered kind was announced on the social network. This time there’s something appearing from the darkness, a triangular shape much like the Yellow bird but this one is wearing a single eyed visor – something the likes of Robocop or Cyclops from the X-Men might have in their wardrobe!

We previously saw what appears to be the classic Red Bird with huge illuminated eyes and the intriguing sci-fi inspired look of these first two birds certainly suggests that the Angry Birds have received some seriously alien avian upgrades, which may contribute to the new powers expected in the new game which follows the popular original, Seasons and Rio spin-offs. These new skills are said to involve light-speed flight and innovative uses of space’s zero gravity and slowed down momentum.

Angry Birds Space is set to be fully announced on March 8th, with the game blasting off on Android and Apple iOS gadgets as well as PC and Mac from March 22nd.

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