Another retailer lists OnePlus Two; more details revealed

After much talk and hype surrounding the OnePlus One smartphone, it wasn’t going to be long before the focus changed to the successor of the popular Android handset.

The OnePlus Two is thought to be released sometime in Q3 2015, so quite a while off yet – but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill dishing out various info over the last couple of months. And now, we have some more to add to that, courtesy of a Chinese retailer who has inadvertently (perhaps) listed the successor to the OnePlus One on its website, along with the alleged specification.

According the leaked information from the Chinese retailer, the OnePlus Two smartphone will feature a .5-inch display sporting a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, however in earlier rumours it was mentioned that it would have a QHD display with a 2560 by 1440 pixels resolution. Allegedly, it will also feature the quad-core Snapdragon 805 chipset, clocked at 2.7GHz and also 3GB of RAM. Moving on to internal storage, the listing suggests it will have 64GB, although it’s possible there also might be both a 32GB and potentially a 128GB too. Unfortunately though, the option of adding additional memory yourself is out of the question, as it lacks a microSD card slot.

Furthermore, on the back of the smartphone, it’s rumoured to have a 16MP snapper along with a 5MP front facing camera for capturing your selfies. The battery is supposed to be 3,300mAh and in terms of operating systems, it will feature Oppo’s customised version of Android called Color OS (based on Android 4.4)

As mentioned above, it was thought that the OnePlus Two wouldn’t be making an official appearance in the near future, but another interesting bit of information extracted from the product description listing was that it would be released in February – much earlier than previously thought. Obviously we will take all this with a pinch of salt at the moment, and needless to say, nothing has been confirmed officially. But, as ever, if we do get any further info, you can be assured we’ll let you know.