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App Of The Day: ESPN Goals (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7)

For many of us, this past weekend has been coming for a long, long time. That’s right, the Barclays Premier League has started again – football season is back.

If you can’t get to the game or even worse still, you’re going to miss match of the day, then how are you going to see all the goals and action?

Sports channel ESPN has released ESPN Goals, a free app for Android and iPhone (and soon to be Windows Phone 7 too) that gives you video highlights of every goal scored in the Barclays Premier League, as well as match statistics and more.

Video highlights including goals are uploaded shortly after each game, as well as Saturday and Sunday ‘roundup’ videos which ESPN compile for your viewing pleasure. The roundups are great and give you all the best bits from the day’s football with no rubbish bits.

The video highlights can be streamed through either Wi-Fi or 3G, so if you’re out and about you can still watch the goals, as long as you have a decent 3G signal.

Fixtures and results can be viewed in a neat-looking timeline, and tapping on a single game will bring you up the options to view stats, video highlights, team lineups and commentary recorded from the game. I’ve found this perfect for those moments when your mate says “did you see that goal from the game last week?” I might not have yet, but I soon will!

Up to date league standings can be viewed as well in the ‘Table’ feature. Games Played, Won, Drawn, Lost, Goal Difference and the all important Points can be viewed here for each of the 20 teams in the league.

ESPN Goals is available now for free on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7. For iPhone, head to the App Store, for Android head to Market and for Windows Phone 7, check in the Marketplace to get the app.

Are you a big fan of ESPN Goals? Share your love for the app with us in the comments below or via our Twitter Page.