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Apple wants a US ban on Samsung’s Galaxy S3, Note and Tab 10.1 Android Devices

After Apple win over Samsung in a 1.041 billion dollar lawsuit Apple are now seeking that Samsung major line up of flagship devices are also banned from sale following its request for the original Samsung Galaxy S2 and all its network variants to be blocked.

Apple are seeking to ban the Sale of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being sold in the US.

Apple have asked a Federal Court in the United States to ban the devices following their epic win and the on-going lawsuit against Samsung, all of which are surrounding supposed patent infringements by Samsung.

Needless to say that the ban of the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note will be fought heavily as both of the Smartphones are hugely popular and are eth current backbone of all of Samsung smartphone sales.

This means that you can expect the Apple vs. Samsung Lawsuit to keep going whilst the two fight it out over dominance in the courtroom rather than let the public decide who have the best smartphone product.

In the past few month Apple have already successfully had the Galaxy Tab 10.1 form going on sale in the US only for the ban to be overturned on an updated software release but with Apple’s lawsuit giving the company momentum we can see Apple continuing this Samsung attack for some time.

The real question is Who can save us know… well it might just be Bruce Willis as the all American hero today started his own lawsuit against Apple regarding iTunes Music Sharing. If John McClane can’t save us… then we are all doomed.

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