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Has Apple Bought the company behind Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox?

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A report from Reuters suggests that Apple is courting a Tel Aviv-based company called PrimeSense and is close to a buyout which would see gesture technologies added to the global brand’s arsenal.

PrimeSense is the Israeli 3D motion-sensor company behind the design and tech for Microsoft’s earliest Kinect for Xbox 360 back in 2010 and rumour would suggest that Apple has been seeking to acquire the business and intellectual properties for some time.

Initially the offered price was said to be $280 million with no agreement being made so far. However, an alleged bid increase to $345 million has sparked interest today and the two companies might be close to striking a deal – if it hasn’t happened already. No official word has been made from either party, though Reuters believes that the purchase has already been made.

Putting ‘natural interaction’ in the hands of Apple’s inventors and ultimately at the touch-free fingertips of its legion of fans would be a great push forward for the iPhone and iPad maker who is a step behind Samsung which recently introduced air gestures with its Galaxy S4 smartphone. The world’s leading tech brand is also known to be seeking new ways to develop and expand on its living room presence with Apple TV and bringing in new methods for users to interact with their gadgets.

The other obvious use for motion gestures would be the long-rumoured Apple TV set, which after several years of rumours, still hasn’t materialised. We’ve heard plenty about the TV, with many people suggesting that it would be controlled by voice and gestures, so the suspected PrimeSense acquisition could be just what Apple needs to get the ball rolling on a TV project.