Apple iPhone 5: Screen laminate ‘defect’ could delay shipping

The iPhone 5 is due for its first outing in around 2 weeks, on October 4th. But a shadow of doubt has been cast on its launch for public sale after a reported ‘defect’ with the screen of Apple’s anticipated mobile gadget were spotted during manufacturing.

The fault apparently effects the laminating of the currently in-progress iPhone’s screens – manufactured by company WinTek, who are responsible for a quarter of Apple’s production of the device. If this rumour turns true this will pose the question of when Apple will recover from this production hiccup and deliver the iPhone 5 to the eager Apple afficianados – waiting to get to grips with the must-have smartphone. There will certainly be expected shipping delays and failure to reach target.

WinTek has denied today’s claims and suggest that the iPhone 5 will roll out as planned with Apple having previously revealed it plans to ship 25-26 million iPhone 5 units before the year is out.

Former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, has just spoken out about the iPhone – predicting that multiple new version ot Apple’s popular mobile will be released in October.

The iPhone 5 launch is being shadowed with troubles it seems, as Apple look likely to be sued by Samsung over a wireless tech patent claim – just as the mobile steps out of the gate on October 4th.

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