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Apple iTunes 11 to be released within the next few days

With all of the Apple product releases over the last few months, one update has been missing from their product range is the long overdue iTunes 11 update that the company originally discussed when it announced the iPhone 5 earlier in the year.

Recently Apple has been holding back information on when the new software update would be coming, but it has long been suspected that the company would launch the update by the end of November. However, with the days ticking away on the 11th month, nothing has yet to come out about iTunes 11.

However, according to a letter picked up by MacRumors, a German music distribution company named Feiyr is asking musicians to submit photos for use in the new Music Store layout and within this letter its states that the iTunes 11 update will be coming very soon indeed:

Artists, it seems, don’t have much time to get their act together.

“Starting with iTunes 11, which is about to be released within the next days, users have the possibility to view pictures and galleries to every artist in iTunes,” the letter said before launching into specifics about the pics.

So the key phrases in that statement are “released within the next days” which could mean that iTunes 11 will be hitting our PCs and Mac Books by the end of the month.

Apple had originally slated iTunes 11 to be released with its new iPhone 5 handset as per usual, but with the update being  a big change-up for the media manger system, Apple delayed releasing iTunes 11 last month because it needed extra time to get everything right.

The update will be bringing a host of changes including a new updated look and UI plus Facebook and iCloud integration, and the removal of features such as Ping. Plus a host of features that Apple has not even told us about yet!

With less than a week left of November if Apple is looking to get the update out they will need to be working pretty fast.

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Via:  MacRumors