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Apple Mac’s iWeb patented for future release on iPad.

iWeb, the Mac-based simplistic web design tool, is crossing over to iPad with Apple recently filing a patent for the internet publisher software to debut on both iPad and iPad 2 tablets.

After a series of crossover successes, and with a patent in place, iWeb should soon surface on the Apple App Store becoming available on Apple tablets and joining popular Mac-to-iPad conversions such as Photobooth, Garageband, and iMovie.

Previously only available through Mac OS as part of the iSuite range of software, iWeb allows publishers to easily throw together simple websites using a series of templates. Great for the casual publishers, but the serious web designer may require something a little more hardcore. Regardless, it’s a nice little tool and when launched will be a great addition to the growing iPad family.

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Article image credit: Patently Apple