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Apple OS X Lion reaches 6-million downloads

Apple’s new iPhone 4S may have been the show-stealer at the big event yesterday in the company’s Californian HQ, but a nod was also given to Mac and MacBook’s recent operating software update OS X Lion which CEO Tim Cook applauded for reaching the 6-million download mark.

The beastly Lion came roaring in with 250 new features including the Launchpad app interface, as well as Mission Control – which performs like a task manager allowing an easy and quick view of all your running programs and tasks.

One million of those copies of the Snow Leopard successor were snapped up in just one day on July 20th when the OS became available publically via download through the Mac Store. OS X Lion has since become available as an in-store download from Apple high street branches and also an easy-to-install mini flash drive which presents an alternative to the clunky download, which despite it’s size of 3.49GB downloads raced on, rivaling the pattern set by Microsoft’s Windows 7 back in 2009. Despite the rapid distribution of OS X Lion, Apple CEO Tim Cook says there’s still ‘a long way to go’.

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