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After conquering most forms of the entertainment market Apple is finally turning its mind towards the in car market that it has previously ignored, by filing a new patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a new in-car steering wheel control system.

Apple patent-mad website patentlyapple.com has released full information on Apple’s latest patent for in-car entertainment, which showcases Apple’s trademark scroll wheel control system and simple design.

Nowadays many new cars will already have a built-in control system in the steering wheel or Apple device connectivity, but with Apple’s core demographic being just about anyone with a pulse, the company has come up with a new accessory to make driving and playing your favourite tunes easier.

There is no real information about how the device is connected to the Apple product and the in-car audio system, but we would assume some sort of FM transmitter, Bluetooth or a wired-in car option which would require an installation.

Much like us in the UK, some US authorities are preparing to clamp down on the “hands-free” operation of smartphones and other devices in vehicles, so Apple’s new patented product, if released, will definitely find a home very quickly.

The device itself will feature a clip on aspect for the vehicle’s steering wheel, and most interestingly the display will have a touch-sensitive faceplate.

The article states that “The touch sensors can be configured to detect contact of an object such as a finger as well as the location and pressure being exerted on the surface of faceplate by the finger or other object” and with Apple’s history with touch-controlled devices, it’s clear to see Apple favour touches and swipes over buttons!

We will be interested to see what Apple can do with such a basic setup as you can always be sure that they install some “Must Have” features in all of their devices.

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Source: patentlyapple.com