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Apple vs Samsung Tablet Tussle Hits British High Court This Morning

Apple and Samsung bring their on-going feud to Great Britain this morning at the High Court of Justice at The Strand, London, in this latest clash over infringement claims by the iPad maker.

This time it’s another tussle over tablets and Samsung seeks to clear its name by obtaining a declaration stating that its Galaxy Tab family of products does not rip-off patented Apple designs and hardware. This case has been pursued by Apple for some time and Samsung has attempted to get the case overturned with support of the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market – a European body of trademark registry. However, the case was deemed to go on by the overseeing Judge, Justice Mann (actual name – we kid you not!)

This case follows similar occasions where American co. Apple has kicked-off over various elements of Korean tech maker Samsung’s tablet range, and the Galaxy Tab device has been blocked previously in a number of countries including Germany and Australia.

Recently it was the popular Galaxy SIII Android ICS smartphone that was caught at customs as it attempted to enter the United States (much like the HTC One X), but due to Apple’s court cases with Samsung on other issues an injunction could not be obtained and the quad-core Korean-made mobile will go on sale without a conflict on Thursday, 21st of June.

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