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UPDATE: iOS 6 users experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues

Things are not running too smoothly for Apple at the moment, as with every week that its latest Apple iOS 6 update is live the more users are discovering new issues with the software for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

With the Apple Maps issue still at the forefront (and Apple CEO Tim Cook issuing an apology over it) many Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users are also reporting on some connectivity issues on the new iOS 6 software, with Wi-Fi connectivity. Over at Apple’s support forums many users are noting that they are getting numerous issues with new devices and old ones, experiencing issues connecting and staying connected to Netgear Wi-Fi routers.

At the moment the issue looks to be localised to a specific Netgear router and can be fixed by the users downloading a new update to the router from Netgear, but the issues also run a little bit deeper than that.

Another thread is stating that users are getting “persistently slow” Wi-Fi connectivity, which in itself is hard for the users and Apple to prove as the devices are connecting fine, but customers are still reporting slow browsing and download speeds.

To top that off, some users are also getting connectivity issues with the Apple AirPlay features on the iPad  2, stating that the service has stopped functioning properly since updating to iOS 6.

All of these issues will undoubtedly be fixed in the coming weeks, but what it really showcases is that Apple needs to change its ways when it comes down to the secrecy of its Beta testing of the OS, with more people benefitting overall if more users field test a new update before it goes public.

Most of the issues that are raised have no fixes as yet but if you notice anything different or wrong with your Apple device after installing the iOS 6 update, let us know in the comments below.



One of our Facebook readers Louis Kuruvilla (thanks Louis) has suggested that a fix for people experiencing issues connecting to their WiFi router:

“in order to fix wifi issues after ios 6 update go to settings select WiFi and change HTTP PROXY TO AUTO”

Let us know if this helps!

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