Apple SVP Phil Schiller confirms White iPhone 4 is imminent

We learnt last week that Apple would finally be releasing the white iPhone 4 shortly, thanks to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concorde Securities. If that wasn’t enough for you, and you want cold, hard proof then check out Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller’s Twitter here.

Phil responds to an Apple fanboy’s question about the fabled white iPhone 4, and confirms that its release is imminent, saying “The white iPhone will be available this spring”.

Unfortunately, Phil didn’t confirm a release date or even the month that it is due for release, but hey, an official confirmation is much better than sifting through all the white iPhone 4 rumours.

Of course, Apple had already officially stated that the white version would be released in Spring 2011, with some Apple stores even having signs indicating such. Since that official announcement however, we’ve seen people with white handsets, and also heard of further manufacturing troubles which could point towards an even further delayed release.

Have you waited patiently for the white iPhone 4, or have you given up hope and got a black one? Perhaps you’re just going to wait out a few more months for the iPhone 5? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Via: Twitter