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White iPhone 4 to start shipping in April

So we already know that Apple have fixed the manufacturing problems they were having with the white version of the current iPhone, and you may also remember that in their last official statement regarding the white version, they said that the aim would be to make the white version available spring time.

It would now appear that an analyst within Concorde Securities who goes by the name of Ming-Chi Kuo, has obtained some insider information that suggests the white iPhone 4 is going into mass production and Apple is to start shipping the device in April (2011).

Considering the white version of the iPhone 4 was announced back when the product launched in June 2010, I’m wondering if anyone is actually bothered about getting a white version of the iPhone 4, perhaps instead they may be interested in Apple’s suspected announcement around the same time this year of the successor to the iPhone 4.

During the recent iPad 2 event, Steve Jobs made a point of saying that the iPad 2 will be available in white as well as black, and more importantly it will be available on launch day. Let’s hope this will also be the case for the next generation of iPhone.