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Apple Tv Could Be Getting A New Touchpad Remote

Apple’s next Apple TV is rumoured to be revealed in a few weeks at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, the rumour everywhere is that it will come with a brand new redesigned remote control. The remote redesign will include a touch pad, which would allow people to scroll and navigate. Something the old remote could have really done with.

There is no word from Apple as usual, but the design alteration could make a lot of sense, if the rumours of what the next version of the Apple TV will bring are true, also it follows some of the company’s most recent developments in the area of touch-based tech.

A touch pad is a must have just for the advanced navigation requirements, if Apple is indeed giving Apple TV a full-fledged App Store and developer SDK. It could help both with UI navigation, and with working within apps, games, for instance are a likely addition if you allow 3rd party apps.

Touch input is used in both the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, and in both cases it unlocks a number of different command and control options that aren’t necessarily available to equivalent devices from competitors.

Apple’s remote is in need of a redesign it’s basic to say the least, the current aluminium-bodied device was basically just a reskin of the older, white plastic version, and a lot has changed in terms of Apple’s technology. They need a control device to match.

June 8 is when the WWDC keynote starts, expect to see this and plenty more from Apple.