Apple Watch Series 2 – Function, Fashion and Fitness

As well as introducing the world to a brand new duo of smartphone models – the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple used its special event yesterday to launch a brand new generation of Apple Watch.

Referred to as Apple Watch Series 2, this second wave of wearables builds and improves on the ideas set out by the original line-up and several new products were unveiled, each with a unique focus.

These include the multi-functional New Apple Watch, the fitness focused Apple Watch Nike+, the fashionable Apple Watch Hermes and the new Apple Watch Edition which now comes in a stylish ceramic finish.

Each Apple Watch Series 2 model is running the new watchOS 3 with its own built in GPS – a feature absent about the last models. This meaning you can now leave your phone at home if outside doing something active, which is the wearables main duty, and the watches are water resistant to a depth of 50 metres. Previous models were only splash proof.

Utilising a dual-core CPU the new Apple Watch Series 2 models process information faster than the last generation selection and Apple’s own activity tracking and social apps are at hand (or at wrist) when needed.

The devices will support a host of third party applications for health, messaging and lifestyle – all appearing on a 38mm or 42mm second-generation OLED Retina display which is twice as bright as before and features Force Touch. You also have greater customisation options and a new range of watch faces to choose from, meaning your Apple Watch can be totally personal to you. To sync to iPhone the Apple Watch connects via Bluetooth 4.0 – it also comes capable of accessing Wi-Fi independently from the mobile (however does not yet include its own 3G/4G).

We like that a handy new feature called SOS will also be included allowing emergency calls to be made should you find yourself unable to reach for your phone, and 18 hours of use can be expected before the wearable needs to hooked up to the charger again.

The Apple Watch and its software is the essentially the same on each variant but the differences come into play when you start selecting your appearances and strap types which are too many to mention all of.

But for an example, the standard Apple Watch 2 can be bought in aluminium or stainless steel casing, with leather strap/band in a selection of colours, alternately you can opt for the plastic sports band also in a range of colours. These start from $269 upwards to $1049.

For the Apple Watch connoisseur there is the Hermes range, which comes in stainless steel finish on the casing with a selection of luxurious leather straps to choose from. With style comes cost, and these range from $1149 up to $1499. Again for the equally stylish yet sporty Apple Watch Edition in the new ceramic finish you’re looking at a hefty price at $1249.

As an advocate of fitness myself, my personal interests draw me towards the Apple Watch Nike+ which is the latest addition to the Sports collection. Loaded up with Nike goodies and featuring a really cool Black and Volt (neon green) sport band with sweat-proof vents it’s the most unique and stand out of the Apple Watch Series 2 and has an appealing price tag of $369.

The Apple Watch Series 2 line-up goes on pre-order on September 9th in the United Kingdom with shipping and store availability from September 16th.

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