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  • Feel Like Buying A VR Headset For The Holidays?

    Feel Like Buying A VR Headset For The Holidays?

    Buying a VR headset for someone this season? If you are in the market for VR and have finally decided to purchase some tech this may be the blog you are looking for. We have compiled a list of contenders. This list includes devices that offer the ability to play the most current virtual games […]

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

    Microsoft held a private event yesterday and announced the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.   Not just any other update. This update is inclusive of full VR support including the SteamVR catalogue. Microsoft announced the acquisition of Altspace VR as well. Fall Creators Update Fall Creators will include an updated version of Microsoft Photos. This new […]

  • Mind Control VR  – Neurable

    Mind Control VR – Neurable

    Here we have another example of machine learning to improve technology; mind control. Neurable have created a wizards hat, no more plastic wands! Neurable, the world’s first BCI (Brain Computer Interface) platform designed specifically for developers of mixed-reality experiences. What this actually means is that developers have the chance to use this device to create […]

  • Whats New In Augmented Reality

    Whats New In Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality Augmented reality, not quite on everyone’s lips currently but there are definite stirrings amongst the masses for AR other than Pokemon related. As we are always interested in anything new that pops up concerning Augmented reality we listed a few points of interest below. These should whet your Virtual appetite. Tankfest Tankfest is […]

  • Google Assistant Cometh

    Google Assistant Cometh

    Google Assistant Now Google are heading into uncharted territories with AI, changes are imminent. First, we had keyboard and mouse. This evolved to keyboard and touch, now we will have vision and voice as viable input devices. This has all come about through deep learning.  We could go into an involved explanation here on how […]

  • RFID, iot and Automation – Whats It All About?

    RFID, iot and Automation – Whats It All About?

    Automation creeps ever closer and the internet of things (iot) is Harbinger of this story. Will the imminent future be some dystopian nightmare or utopian wonderland? There is no doubt that automation will inevitably cut jobs. By 2030, Googles “top rated futurist speaker”, Thomas Frey, predicts that the planet will be down 2 Billion jobs, […]

  • Ridley Scott Working On Alien VR

    Ridley Scott Working On Alien VR

    Yesterday, Ridley Scotts’ RSA Films announced the launch of RSA VR. This is both great and terrifying in the same instance. Sir Ridley Scott has quite the catalog of films behind him, the ones that truly terrify though and remain strong in memory are the Alien films. The face of Scott’s alien has reached iconic […]

  • Apple Product Launch

    Apple Product Launch

    Apple have announced today a slew of new or updated products and we have included them below for your perusal. If you cannot wait to purchase then the links are provided also. 9.7 inch iPad & iPad Mini 4 Without further ado, replacing the iPad Air 2 comes the 9.7 inch iPad. Priced at a […]

  • Snapchat Spectacles Available Now!

    Snapchat Spectacles Available Now!

    Snapchat, a place you trust to find 10 second clips of your friends moments, all appendages aside… The company have released their new product to the World; Snapchat Spectacles. The Spectacles are now available for purchase online. Originally you could only find these rare pieces of gadgetry through a sequence of funny handshakes, or, alternatively, at […]

  • Kevin Geiger – The Man On Chinas Virtual Pulse

    Kevin Geiger – The Man On Chinas Virtual Pulse

    You may or may not have heard about Kevin Geiger recently, in fact, you may not be aware of him until now but he is the man to speak to when it comes to VR and Virtual Reality applications… Kevin Geiger has over 25 years experience in the arts & entertainment, including 15 years with Disney […]

  • Truly Wireless Charging From Energous

    Truly Wireless Charging From Energous

    Having all the gadgets you could ever possibly need in one lifetime, as aspiring as that thought sounds, that’s a lot of charging! What if we told you that you could wirelessly charge any device you own that has a charging port? Up until now wireless charging has not exactly freed people; yes, it is wireless […]

  • Android Pay To Win Prizes!

    Android Pay To Win Prizes!

    This Festive Season Paying Wins Prizes!   Google have decided to offer incentives this season and in doing so, entice more people into setting up Android Pay. The Search Engine giant will be giving users the chance to win a prize every time they use the payment service to buy anything between now and the end […]