Archos Home Connect is an Android powered Web Radio for your bedside table

Along with the new G9 tablets and the Android Home Smartphone, Archos unveiled a rather nifty little household gadget – the Archos 35 Home Connect.

The Home Connect is an Android powered radio, music player, alarm clock and much more. Stereo speakers adorn the side of the compact device, which are apparently pretty loud – perfect for mp3 or internet radio playback. Internet Radio will be preinstalled in the form of the popular TuneIn Radio app, and there will also be a music player. Weather, Traffic and News apps will also come preinstalled.

As with the Archos 35 Home Smartphone, the Home Connect will come with a front-facing video camera for online video calling. We’re assuming there will be access to some sort of App store to download your preferred video chat client with, unless there are some apps preloaded.

The Home Connect is controlled by a large 3.5-inch touchscreen, similar to the Home Smartphone and Archos’ tablet range. Archos boast an extra-long battery life for the device, meaning you can take it with you if you so wish, perhaps to use as a portable music player in the park.

If you’ve got another Android smart device, you could even control music playback on the Archos Home Connect using the Archos Remote Control app. Nifty!

What do you think of the Archos Home Connect? Perfect as a bedside table companion? Tell us what you think on our Twitter page.



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