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Archos Releasing Trio of Budget Friendly Android Smartphones This May

Archos has unveiled a trio of budget-friendly handsets as the company prepares to make a push into the smartphone arena with the Archos 35 Carbon, Archos 50 Platinum and Archos 53 Platinum.

Archos is mainly known for its lower end Android tablets and this will also be the operating system of choice on the inexpensive smartphone range when it arrives towards the end of May. The quad-core Platinum range will come with version 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and includes the Archos 53, which as the name suggests features a generous 5.3” qHD display with 960 x 540 pixel resolution, Dual-SIM, 1GB RAM with expandable memory up to 64GB on SD, 2-megapixel front-facing camera and 8-megapixel rear shooter.

The Archos 53 Platinum is joined by the Archos 50 which like its bigger brother features much of the same details with just a slightly smaller screen.

The baby of the bunch is the entry-level Archos 35 Carbon with its 3.5” display with 320×480 pixel resolution, 1Ghz CPU, 512MB of RAM with 32GB expansion with SD card and VGA front and back cameras. Appearance wise the trio are very similar and feature a simplistic and generic but functional design.

All three Archos smartphones will go on sale in the U.K next month with the Archos 53 Platinum up for £199.99, the Archos 50 Platinum at £179.99 and the Archos 35 Carbon for the tender price of just £69.99.

More details on these handsets can be found on the Archos website.