Australia gets Android 2.3 Gingerbread for HTC Desire – but no Sense?

Are the Aussies Sense-less? No, we’re not challenging the nation’s intelligence. We’re talking about the reported withdrawal of HTC’s native Sense User Interface for the Desire handsets with Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread update.

Australian network carrier Telstra initially confirmed that despite previous claims that the HTC Desire’s memory was too small too allow for an Android 2.3 update to function properly, but now they are saying Gingerbread goodness will in fact be brought to the handset – The cost being HTC’s own Sense UI and some of the Android apps, which will be cut to enable the upgrade to work smoothly.

The Gadget Helpline loves Android; the potential for apps and function is rivalled by few with global distribution of the operating system ever-growing, the HTC user interface is a very tidy addition and we do find if baffling that after such hype for HTC’s Sense that it would be given the chop without mercy. It makes no Sense to us (Sorry..)

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