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HTC Discontinuing the Original HTC Desire

It would seem to be the end of the Line for HTC’s original flagship Sense sporting Android handset the HTC Desire as online retailers are now running low on stocks and have been alerted that no more new devices will be coming to the UK.

Online retailer Clove has Stated that “[they] have been informed that no more [HTC Desires] will be coming in to the UK”.

The HTC Desire

No news on an official word form HTC regarding the handset but since the devices first release back in early 2010 the Desire has spawned many predecessors including the Desire HD, Mini and the latest the Desire S and Is a much loved handset amongst Android users.

The apparent discontinuation of the device really does showcase just how fast Android and all smartphones are moving along at the moment with the phone only being announced at last year’s Mobile World congress (2010) along with the HTC Legend and the Wildfire.

Since then Android devices have gotten bigger, smaller, faster and especially more popular with the operating system quickly becoming almost as popular as the dominant Apple iPhone series.

But if it is time for the Original Desire to pack up then it’s been a good if not short inning and it will be remembered… for now anyway!

Are HTC doing the right thing by finishing with the original Desire? Let us know via our official @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page.