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Awesome Nokia Kinetic prototype can bend and twist

Nokia may have finished announcing the new Windows Phones that we had anticipated, but their Nokia World event is still going at the Xcel Centre in London, and there are still some awesome devices to check out on the floor.

CNET has spotted a very interesting prototype device on the showroom floor at the event, something so awesome we just had to share.

Pictured above is a prototype device Nokia have been working on, dubbed the Kinetic. It features an OLED touchscreen, but the whole thing can be bent and twisted out of shape without a worry about that large screen breaking or distorting the image displayed.

What’s more, twisting the device from each end can actually control the user interface – how cool is that?

Though still in development, the device appears to be a media player/controller type device. You can scroll through preloaded photos and music by twisting each end of the device in different directions – you can’t tell us that’s not a different approach to controlling a media device!

But wait, it gets cooler – you can also zoom in and out on photos by bending the edges inwards or outwards. This gesture also controls music playback, with one direction pausing and the other playing.

The OLED screen is also touch responsive, so you can tap in the corners to skip through photographs and other media.

CNET confirms that unfortunately we may never see such a device go on sale to the public, but it sure shows an exciting prospect and potential for Nokia.

Courtesy of CNET, you can view a short video of the funky futuristic device in action below.

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Source : CNET