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Axent Wear LED Cat Ear Headphones – Preorders Begin!

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Ever wanted your very own set of light up headphones with cat ear speakers on the top? Nor did we till we saw them for sale in this IndieGogo project from a creative technology start up called Axent Wear.

Alumni from University of California Berkley designed the funky feline ear gear based on an animated project by lead creator Wenging Yan, and along with Victoria Hu they came up with the purrfect mesh of modern audio tech and ‘kawaii’ Japanese style – Axent Wear, which has exceeded its crowd funding target of $250,000 by 1,172%.

Now it’s time to get them made and out on the market so pre-orders are currently being taken through the project’s IndieGogo site with the basic blue, red, green and purple headsets available for a limited time IndieGogo price of $150 a piece – or you can own a full set for $575.

Each set of Axent Wear headphones include fully functional cat ear shaped speakers and bright LED accents, over ear cushions and 20Hz to 20Khz frequency response from the earcups. Other features include a built in mic, USB charging point (batteries and charger supplied) and a 3.5mm jack port and lead used to connect them to a music source, which is removable but the headphones unfortunately do not work wirelessly.

If you really love the Axent Wear you can pay $2,000 to not only get a set but also get yourself immortalised wearing them in a glorious anime-style digital painting by Yan – or alternately two grand will also get you a custom paint job for your headphones.

The top headset is one-of-a-kind, coming in at a heavyweight $10,000 and turns it’s wearer into the C3PO of kitty cosplay in gold plating, or custom scheme, with not just one coloured LED light but this is the only set in the Axent Wear range where the colours actually change! Worth 10K though?

The Gadget Helpline contacted Axent Wear back in September about potential of reviewing a set but this was when the product was still in the development and prototype stage. We’re still interested if you’re listening!