Back to the Future Day Part II – The Best Bits from October 21st 2015

Yesterday the future caught up with us, October 21st 2015 finally came around and it was a day of celebration for fans of the Back to the Future film series as this was the date in the sequel on which Marty McFly was set to arrive from the year 1985!

Unfortunately not all the gadget predictions in BTTF Part II came true – but the good news is that a number of them did and we covered some in our article yesterday. Back to the Future Day was also filled with some fantastic moments which had fans exclaiming ‘Great Scott!’ in their best Doc Brown impression and today we’ve picked out some of the best bits to share with you as we take our first steps into a future unwritten.

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October 21st 2015 began with a very special message from Doc Brown himself. Yes, Christopher Lloyd returned in full character, in his lab complete with DeLorean time machine to present a video message to tell us The Future is Now!

Doc reflected on some of the predictions that have and haven’t come true and on the 2015 we got instead. At the end of the clip he referenced his parting words from Back to the Future Part III and lumps appeared in throats everywhere – “Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one.”

The video of course was hugely viral, particularly on Facebook where the social network was also getting into the spirit of things by creating a Doctor Emmett Brown official page which would interact with fans and they also added special Back to the Future themed icons for our status updates. If you post about watching any of the Back to the Future movies, and tag the movie in your update, you’ll be rewarded with a little DeLorean or pink hoverboard icon to show off to your mates!

Another surprising and touching moment from Back to the Future Day was the arrival of the long-anticipated self-lacing Nike Mag shoe. This iconic piece of future history was worn by Marty McFly in the fictional 2015 and has been demanded by fans for years.

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Nike finally launched the trainers, aptly on October 21st, and presented the very first pair to Michael J. Fox himself who’s priceless reaction to the ‘power laces’ was captured on video and shared through the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research Facebook page. The Nike Mags will be released soon as a limited edition and sold through auction with funds going towards the charity.

As Back to the Future Day came to a close the true highlight was about to take place on American television. What would the day be if the real Doc and Marty didn’t actually arrive in 2015?

Right in the middle of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, as the host was discussing the differences between our version of 2015 and the BTTFII 2015, a familiar lightning struck and up rolled the DeLorean carrying none other than Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in full costume and reprising their characters from the beloved film franchise. The time travelling duo interacted with Kimmel and the live audience who were in awe of this momentous scene.

In the entertaining skit Doc Brown commented on the state of society and modern tech saying “Apparently the technological and cultural achievements of this era are somewhat underwhelming” – This as Kimmel captured a selfie on his smartphone. Absolute genius.

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