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Banana Phone: LG’s curved G Flex shown up close and personal

It’s said to be launching officially next month, but LG’s interestingly shaped G Flex phone has been snapped up close and personal in Argentina and shared courtesy of The Verge.

Official 3D renders of the G Flex leaked earlier in the month but this is the real deal. These snaps show the phone’s curved design, which is possible thanks to LG’s brand new flexible OLED screens which it recently started to mass manufacture.

The display itself is a vibrant OLED with good viewing angles and is 6-inches in size – check out all of The Verge’s snaps to see how it dwarves a Samsung Galaxy S4 which itself is 5-inches in terms of screen size. In terms of design, the curved front reminds us a lot of the Google Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, mixed in with some LG G2 styling to boot.

The images posted by The Verge come from an Argentinian TV broadcaster Telefe who got hands-on with the phone, for unknown reasons. Their report confirms that the G Flex has the same 13 megapixel rear camera as LG’s current flagship G2. Other specs haven’t been confirmed, but with the camera and design being very similar to the G2, we’d expect to see 2GB of RAM, Android 4.2/4.3 and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip inside.

Snaps of the phone’s back show the same odd placement of the power button as on the G2, flanked by volume keys either side, sitting just below the rear camera.

Unfortunately for fans of quirky gadgets around the world, LG will follow Samsung and launch the G Flex in its homeland of Korea only. Just as with Samsung’s Galaxy Round, there are no plans for a launch in the US or Europe for LG’s curved phone.