T-Mobile U.S Offers Free Dark Knight Rises Cases to Nokia Lumia 710 Buyers

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T-Mobile in the U.S is jumping on the bat-wagon ahead of the July 20th cinema release of The Dark Knight Rises by offering some exclusively backing cases for its Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone starting from tomorrow.

Buyers and upgraders choosing the Nokia Lumia 710 can pick up one of the somewhat uncharacteristically colourful Batman cases which features “distressed” Bat symbol as seen on the highly-anticipated trilogy-enders promotional posters as well as Dark Knight Rises logo. These details are printed on and this plastic snap case features none of that high-quality etching found on the recent Phones4U offering of the limited edition Nokia Lumia 900 which boasts a jet black polycarbonate finish. But of course this reflects the 710’s relationship to the 900 in terms of quality and spec.

That being said we don’t think any of our Bat-loving pals in the States will turn down the chance to own one of these limited stock cases free of charge before July 10th from T-Mobile on 24-month contracts which also gives you the Lumia 710 phone at no cost. Once you have your Lumia 710 suited up with the cool case, we suggest you also grab the new Dark Knight Rises app, exclusively for Nokia Windows Phone owners and you’ll be ready for all the blockbuster action!

We await news on whether T-Mobile customers and Lumia 710 buyers here in the U.K will also get a free Dark Knight Rises case and will report any updates here on the Gadget Helpline Blog!

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Image Source: WP Central