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BBC begin 1080p 50fps High-Definition roll out on Freeview gadgets

Sneaky BBC HD have been taking advantage of some Freeview box capabilities, and has already started leaking out a little glimpse of those glorious – yet seemingly elusive – 1080p 50 frames-per-second High-Definition visuals.

Unbeknownst to most, the Beeb started rolling out the full HD experience in 1080p back in March, utilising a feature on some set-top boxes which feature a tweak from standard 25 frames-per-second to 50fps display – a 1080p format previously only found in brilliant Blu-Ray.

Our programmes broadcasted the way they were filmed and intended to be seen puts BBC HD ahead of the televisual revolution and is a sight to behold, but it’s been suggested that some HDTVs are crying “Uncle” when faced with Auntie’s offerings. Particularly Sony sets.

Complaints have been ringing in from Sony users regarding audio dropout and problems coping with the High-Def format step up. We think these are potential issues which Sony really should have addressed before setting their contributions out into the HD revolution.

Keep an eye on your goggle-box for more HD from the Beeb. As revealed today – it’s already out there!

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