BBC Olympics Website and Official Olympics App See Mega Usage Rise

It’s now firmly into week two of the London 2012 Olympics and with us UK bloggers getting more excited about Team GB rising up the rankings of the medals table, there is also something else that is rising up in terms of usage.

Both the BBC website and the official Olympics app for smartphones have seen a mega usage spike across the Games, both of which are really enabling users across the UK and the globe to not miss a single piece of action from London’s 2012 Olympics.

The BBC Olympics app for Android and iOS has reportedly been downloaded over 1.5 million times over the past few weeks with millions of users logging on via their smartphones and tablets to view the 24 streams of action, get the latest news stories, video highlights, and text commentaries, plus the all-important timetable calendar so you can see when things are on.

And with 24 streams of content available at any one time, people really are leaning towards online and streamed services to provide their Olympic kicks, with the BBC website also reporting that they have broken previous web traffic records, with over 18 million unique browser visits during the first week of coverage.

Daily traffic peaks across BBC have come to nearly 8 million in the UK and 10.4 million globally, compared to previous milestones of 5.7m (UK) and 7.4 (Global).

Its not just the website that people are using to log into the Olympics, with access from built-in iPlayer apps on TV’s, games consoles, tablets and smartphones, plus usage on sites such as Facebook are also contributing.

So if nothing else, the London 2012 Olympics have proven to be a unique and record breaking Games as the BBC are now dubbing it the “the multi-platform Games” and are proving that a thirst for new ways of watching TV and sport is definitely there.

We spent most of our weekend watching as much sport as possible through the excellent BBC Sport app from the Smart Hub on Samsung’s excellent Smart TVs. How have you been watching?

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