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BBC Sport App Hits Facebook – Olympics and Wimbledon Streaming on Timeline

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The ever-changing Facebook is once again moving its demographic from statuses and holiday photos towards an all-in-one entertainment machine, and this time the social network is getting some sports-based love with a new app from the BBC that will allow some of the summer’s top sports be be viewed via the social network.

Yesterday Facebook and the BBC added a new BBC live sports coverage application (similar to games like Farmville) to the website which will allow users to watch the likes of Wimbledon and any of the 24 video streams of Olympic coverage.

You can download the app by clicking on https://apps.facebook.com/bbcsport but the app itself is currently only in beta testing format, so you can expect a few teething issues with the service until Facebook and the Beeb iron them out before a proper release.

As you can expect from anything Facebook if you do use the app your friends, loved ones and random people you have added will be able to see what you are watching. Additionally you will be able to do all things Facebook-y including liking certain coverage, commenting in real time on streams, and chatting about the action with a group of friends online.

For example, if you like a game of tennis it will appear in your timeline and then friends can join you in viewing or commenting on the action.

The app will probably come into its full usage during the BBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games, where users will be able to access all 24 of the BBC’s coverage channels, all from the comfort of their Facebook feed so even the most social sports fan can share their views and experiences online.

Check out the new app now and let us know your thoughts on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.