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BBM for Android and iOS now available, BlackBerry boasts 5 million users already

After a failed initial launch thanks to a rogue fake app, BlackBerry has launched BBM for Android and iPhone and it looks as though the app is already a hit.

Boasting some 5 million downloads already, BlackBerry has finally brought its previously exclusive chat app to its two major rivals. The apps are available now from the Play Store and App Store respectively, both as free downloads.

However, in the case of BBM it’s unfortunately not as straightforward as popping online and downloading a freebie. BlackBerry has created a sort-of queue system to prevent any server issues or outages caused by a mad rush to get BBM-ing. You can download the app on Android or iPhone, but upon opening it you may well be prompted to enter an email address to have your spot held ‘in line’ for you. You’ll get an email when your turn is up and then you click a button in the app to get started.

Sneaky way in

If you’re not one for waiting – we’re not either – then there is a sneaky way in which you can bypass the wait list. If you open the app, enter your email address, click Next and then immediately force close the app, you’ll be able to re-launch the app and hopefully start using the app. To force close on Android you can usually double tap or hold the menu or central button to enter a multitasking screen – then swipe away the BBM app to close. On iPhone, double click the home button and hold the BBM icon and then tap the cross to close on iOS 6, or on iOS 7 swipe the window upwards and off the screen.

BBM for Android and iPhone is allowing BlackBerry to take on the likes of WhatsApp and Viber by offering a cross-platform messaging service. The app allows Android, BlackBerry and iPhone users to chat individually and in groups, share images, videos and other files and more. With 5 million plus users already on board with the Android and iOS versions and many more already using the service on BlackBerry devices, BBM could well be a force to be reckoned with in the near future. WhatsApp watch out?