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Become a Paul Heyman Guy in WWE 2K17 Career Mode!

WWE 2K17 has just been rocked by one of the wrestling business’s most influential managers and mouthpieces – Paul Heyman, who has announced that he will appear as a featured character in the game’s My Career mode, allowing the rookie wrestler to ascend the ranks as a “Paul Heyman Guy”.

Through his online presence The Heyman Hustle, the outspoken pioneer of Extreme World Wrestling and coach of WWE superstars such as Brock Lesner and CM Punk, teased a new game mode would be announced and dropped the below trailer personally at midnight as promised.


The My Career mode first appeared in WWE 2K15 and players could create a wrestler (CAW) and fight their way to the top by defeating famous superstars, winning championships and fulfilling certain career highlights – Something Paul Heyman Guys know a lot about.

In the most diverse My Career mode to date, everything from a wrestlers attire to the way they cut a promo can affect their path to glory. So who better to guide you than Paul E. himself? Just watch out for Heyman’s other and famous client, the cover star of WWE 2K17 – Brock Lesnar!

WWE 2K17 releases on October 11th for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows PC – also featuring the WCW icon Goldberg as a playable pre-order bonus and a really cool NXT edition is available with physical and digital extras to excite grapple fans!