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BERG’s Little Printer cheerily prints your RSS feeds from smartphone

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London design company BERG has unveiled a cheerfully charming desk accessory which is set for public sale in 2012 and is called, simply enough, Little Printer.

Little Printer is aimed at smartphone owners, RSS feeders and social readers, and when up for sale will deliver the latest news and updates from partners such as Google, The Guardian, Nike and Foursquare, all of which are signed up for the big launch of the tiny device.

RSS Feeds from these partners will be produced by the Little Printer on compact till receipt style printouts or ‘publications’ delivered through BERG’s own BERGCloud server system and your household router. This is done wirelessly through pre-programmed selection of feeds on an accompanying smartphone app, so you could effectively set the Little Printer up anywhere within range of your router. Perhaps get your RSS delivered every morning in the loo to save crucial minutes? Enjoy your daily news but be sure to wipe with the right roll!

The Little Printer also can print out puzzles and your personal reminders. If it wasn’t appealing enough, BERG’s baby also delivers your dailies with a simplistic smiling face – bringing personality and charm to the little portable paperboy!

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